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Spooky Season Candle Gift Set Of 3

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Color - Creamy White

This set consists of three different spooky designs, perfect for bringing a bit of spookiness to your home for the Halloween season.🎃👻

For our decorative candles we use pillar soy wax which is made with 100% soybean oil. 
All of our scents are “Clean Scents” 100% phthalates free.
Our Candles are mostly for decorative purposes, if you wish to light them, please burn the candles on a heatproof dish. 
*We advise trimming your candle wick before each use 1/4 in(5mm), and do not leave unattended.*
All our candles are handmade with love by Dulce Mann Candle Co. they are unique and made just for YOU!