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Home Sweet Home Decorative Candle

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With its fresh or luxurious scented aroma and delightful design, this sophisticated candle will fill your home with warmth and beauty.

This candle makes the perfect housewarming gift.

For our decorative candles we use pillar soy wax which is made with 100% soybean oil.

All of our scents are “Clean Scents” 100% phthalates free.

Natural wax color is creamy white.

Our Candles are mostly for decorative purposes, if you wish to light them, please burn the candles on a heatproof dish.

*We advise trimming your candle wick before each use 1/4 in(5mm), and do not leave unattended.*

All our candles are handmade with love by Dulce Mann Candle Co. they are unique and made just for YOU!